Ben Levin Carryout Or Delivery

Reviews for "Carryout Or Delivery"

 "Ben Levin no longer just embodies the next generation, he is the new boss."
-Paris-Move (France)

"The 2020 Blues Music Awards made this excellent singer, pianist, and composer known, and this album enshrines him and definitely catapults him to the forefront of today's blues pianists"
- La Hora del Blues (Spain)

"Ben Levin has already gone a long way toward affirming his reputation as an astute artist, one well capable of ascent to the heights of wider recognition"
-Living Blues (USA)

New Review For Carryout Or Delivery

Review in Blues Music Magazine

"Ben Levin is a remarkable musician, as his latest recording demonstrates, highlighting substantial progress in all aspects of his artistry."

-Mark Thompson

Living Blues Radio Chart Decemeber

Carryout Or Delivery

I'm proud to make it into the top 15! It's an honor to be listed among so many great names, especially my mentor Bob Corritore.

Belgian Review for Carryout Or Delivery!

New Review from Keys And Chords

"Ben Levin confirms his status as a piano virtuoso, which is enthusiastic with a heavenly voice!"

-Philip Verhaege

French Review for Carryout Or Delivery!

New Review from Paris-Move Magazine

"Ben Levin no longer just embodies the next generation, he is the new boss."

-Patrick Dallongeville

Ben Levin's latest release

Carryout Or Delivery available now!

Carryout or Delivery is the latest release from Ben Levin on Vizztone Label Group. CD's are now available from the website with free shipping!

2020 BMA Nomination

Best emerging artist album

I'm honored to be nominated for a 2020 Blues Music Award! 

European blues cruise summer 2020

I'm so excited to be invited to play on Joe Bonamassa's Mediterranean Blues Cruise next summer!

 "As soon as I heard Ben sing and play piano, in January 2018, I instantly knew “There’s one!” He’s in the “Old School” Blues club. Sure he’s an “Old Soul” and he’s “Gonna be...” but his music says he’s already there."  
- Bob Margolin  

"Ben Levin's got the thing! It's hard to put into words but when somebody has both the understanding and skillful execution of tradition and the joy and exuberance to make it fresh, that's the thing! Ben is already a piano master at a tender young age! I'm looking forward to watching his career blossom as a bluesman."  
-Bob Corritore

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